Darren to undergo surgery to remove melanoma in his lung

Darren Scott. (Gallo Images)
Darren Scott. (Gallo Images)

Johannesburg - Hot FM radio presenter, Darren Scott has provided more details around his renewed cancer scare.

Via a message on his Facebook page, Darren says that a biopsy taken from his lung tissue has revealed that he has melanoma in his upper left lobe.

"I got into surgery at 11:00 tomorrow (15 October) and will be in ICU/High Care for a while as I come down off whatever concoction of painkillers, sedatives, steroids (There goes my Olympic dream) and antibiotics (And maybe cannabis oil - my own Jamie Oliver touch) will be pumped into me (sic)."

Darren had melanoma in 2012 and was successfully in remission until now.  In his post, he has remained upbeat, saying this is the fourth time he has had a cancer scare.

"So the fact that this is the 4th time melanoma has come-a-visiting MUST now put it into stalker category. I won't be able to communicate (unless you speak hieroglyphics) until next week. Feeling strong, positive, healthy and humbled & blessed at all the prayers and support from all over."

The radio star is expected to spend at least two weeks in hospital recovering from the surgery.