Dineo Ranaka and Ntsiki Mazwai in Twar

Dineo Ranaka, Ntsiki Mazwai (Instagram/Twitter)
Dineo Ranaka, Ntsiki Mazwai (Instagram/Twitter)

Johannesburg - It's one of the last things you expect to see on a Monday morning. But when Dineo Ranaka and Ntsiki Mazwai went to war on Twitter this morning no one was spared, even the children!

Although both parties have since removed a lot of their comments, it seems like the war was started with a comment on weaves and Dineo Ranaka's comment that not wearing a weave can make you look dirty.

That didn't sit well with Dineo who fought back, questioning Ntsiki's personal hygiene... or apparent lack of it.

Before we knew it, the pair were in full fight mode and Ntsiki was questioning Dineo on her baby record.

Even their fans were shocked at the war unfolding so early on in the morning

Luckily, both girls realised they were being petty and laughed it off... but not without a parting shot each.