Diski Divas: Kat Mohoadube ready for a fight!

Kat Mohoadube (Instagram)
Kat Mohoadube (Instagram)

Johannesburg - There's been no shortage of fireworks since the debut of reality show, Diski Diva's.

And, last night the show made headlines after a heated argument between Nonhe Ndala and Wendy Parker turned physical on live radio.

It seems like tension is rife among the five Diski Divas amid accusations of "abuse" and "racial slander." 

Shortly after the physical altercation last night, Wendy revealed to The Juice that one of the reasons she stepped up to Nonhle was because she brought Kat Mohoadube and Felcia Modise to tears recently. 

Wendy also revealed that Nonhle insulted her "coloured accent." 

But it seems like there could be another showdown on the horizon, as Kat has made it crystal clear that she's ready for a fight if it comes to her. "I never shy away from a fight. If you're going to step into my ring best believe that there's going to be a fight, that's just the kind of girl I am," she said.

Kat told The Juice recently that there's always tension between the five ladies, and revealed that there's even more to come. Kat added that she's never one to shy away from a fight. 

Check out what she had to say about her journey and the fireworks...