Donald: 'I kind of miss being in love'

Donald (Instagram)
Donald (Instagram)

Johannesburg - He's one of the most eligible bachelors in Mzansi but Donald says he doesn't know love...unless it hits him right in the face!

And even though he's constantly mobbed by female fans, he tells The Juice there's no one special in his life.

"I've been really busy. I haven't really had time to rest," he says. "There's no special lady at this point. I don't know,  maybe it's because I'm so busy but hopefully in the future. I kind of miss being in love myself, I won't lie, because love is a beautiful thing," he says.

But what is he looking for in a lady?

"I never know what I'm looking for until I meet someone, it kind of just happens and we we need to connect and have loads in common," he says.

The Juice caught up with Donald for an up and coming music project. Watch this space for more details...