DreamTeam go Holly(wood) on Coke Studio

Johannesburg - It's often said that South Africa is a melting pot of diverse sounds and people. And nowhere is that more clear than on this week's Coke Studio.

This week's episode saw a kaleidoscope of talent and sound from traditional instrumentals to hip hop beats!

Here's what went down:

DreamTeam x Holly Wasserfall

At first it looked like young singer, Holly Wasserfall might get lost in the enthusiasm that was DreamTeam in the Coke Studio. But once everyone calmed down, Holly was able to overcome her shyness and the group was able to create a fusion you could only dream about!

What we loved most about the collab:

There's something poetic about seeing a young artist blossoming right in front of our eyes, to more than hold her own alongside one of the country's biggest acts at the moment.

Where to get the track:
The track is called No Wahala and you can get it here.

Majozi x Solo x Bafikile

If you really want to see the length and breadth of SA music, look no further than this fusion between traditional artist Bafikile, rapper Solo and folk muso, Majozi.

It was all kinds of chaos in studio as the artists tried to fit their different sounds into a single track. In the end, Bafikile's bow injected new life into the sounds of Majozi and the rhymes of Solo. 

What we loved most about the collab:

It's a minor miracle that the group of musicians somehow brought together all those unique sounds into one amazing track! It's everything we love about Mzansi and it's everything we love about Coke Studio.

Where to get the track:

The track is called Mzala Wami and you can get it here.

For more info about the show, check out www.cokestudio.co.za.