Wendy Parker: 'Nonhle shoved and racially insulted me'

Kat Mohoaduba, Wendy Parker (Instagram)
Kat Mohoaduba, Wendy Parker (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It's been almost a week since Wendy Parker, Katlego Mohoaduba and Nonhle Ndala were involved in a violent altercation during an interview on Kaya FM. Just days after the incident, Mzansi Magic confirmed that Wendy and Kat had been given the boot from the show and it has since been revealed that Nonhle Ndala has laid assault charges against the two women.

Wendy Parker has remained mum since the controversy first broke only telling The Juice minutes after the incident that Nonhle was a woman abuser for constantly making derogatory comments towards her.

But as the issue intensifies with Kat reportedly retaliating with a counter assault charge against Nonhle, The Juice sat down in a one-on-one interview with the two ladies where they gave their version of events for the first time. 


During a tell-all interview with The Juice Wendy recalled the moments that led up to the "explosion." 

"Myself and the other ladies have taken too many emotional blows from Nonhle, which is what led to the explosive moment on Kaya FM," she explained. 

Wendy admitted that the manner in which she approached the problem was wrong, but the reasons behind it were definitely validated. 

"It was not nice and it was not right, and I don't condone violence. I apologise to the listeners as it is a family show but I will not apologise for standing up for myself and the ladies," she added. 

Wendy remains adamant that the altercation was not as violent as it was made out to be, and that Nonhle attacked her first. 

"Nonhle shoved me first"

What was supposed to be a routine interview, quickly turned into an ugly fight between three of the Diski Divas.

Wendy has given us her sequence of events, where she insists that Nonhle was the first person to get physical.

She says during the live interview, Nonhle insinuated that she was forced into marriage. And, it was at that point that things got explosive. "That's when I stood up and pointed at her. I angrily told her that I'm tired of the drama she brings and that she can't continuously belittle people and run away from it," Wendy explained. 

And, that's when she claims it turned physical, with Nonhle making the first move. "That's when she shoved me and I pulled her hair. I didn't slap her as many have suggested." 

There have been many questions around what exactly happened and why Mzansi Magic only fired Kat and Wendy. The channel claims video footage clearly shows that Nonhle did not get involved physically.

This, however, is being challenged by both ladies, with Kat echoing Wendy's comments.

"I am still surprised as to why I was fired as camera footage shows that I did not attack this woman. She is the one who was violent towards me and attacked me."

Both women claim that Nonhle slammed the door against Kat's face, which was so severe, it caused her to fall over.

But what led to the altercation?

Hours after the incident sources revealed to The Juice that the physical battle did not come as a surprise, as tension between the ladies had been brewing for a while.

Wendy and Kat agree with this wholeheartedly.

Wife to Bernard Parker, Wendy says she joined the show to show young girls that there's so much more to just being a 'soccer players wife.'  "We are their (their husbands/boyfriends) support structure and keep them focused on and off the field. I'm all about upliftment and will never allow someone to belittle me or another lady," she explained. 

The leggy mom of two says that there has been tension since the start of the show, with Nonhle constantly making rude comments. "Nonhle racially insulted me by picking on my coloured accent. She told me I was forced into marriage and she said that we're not on the same level as her," she said. 

A visibly shaken Wendy is clearly still angry about the issue. "I'm coloured, how does Nonhle or anyone expect me to speak other than like a coloured? I come from a fractured society and we all grew up differently, under different circumstances - does this mean that we should be undermined because of this?"

She added that speaking a certain way does not give another person the right to insult you. "We should be appreciating each other's differences not belittling and trashing each other," she added. 

It was an issue that was widely condemned on social media, with many people criticising Nonhle for her negative comments towards Wendy. Her constant racial slurs were aired on TV and raised eyebrows across the country.

Since the debacle last week Wendy and Kat have been portrayed as the cause of the problem and have received a lot of backlash over "attacking" a pregnant woman. Nonhle has since revealed that she fears for her life and that her baby was put under undue stress during the incident.

But Wendy, who is six weeks pregnant herself, fiercely denied these claims yet again. "I did not attack anyone and as for the stress, I have turned a blind eye to it all," she explained. 

Wendy added that the support from her family, friends and viewers have been phenomenal. "My family and friends have been incredibly supportive towards me. I know the truth about what happened and people can say what they want, as they're entitled to their own opinions." 


With both Wendy and Kat facing police charges, it seems like the storm is far from over. But they both have learned lessons from the incident and their time on the show, and they hope that Nonhle has learned one simple lesson from this debacle. "Have a little respect towards people." 

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