Eminem opens up about his feud with his mom in new music video. It's seriously tear-jerking stuff...

Their relationship has seen many a hard time.

Now, Eminem seems to have rescued his relationship with his mom, Debbie Mathers.

In the music video, Headlights, it seems Em is super sad about the way things have turned out.

The vid, directed by Spike Lee, was released on Mother's Day.

With versus like the one below, it seriously tear-jerking stuff.

I want a new life (start over) One without a cause (clean slate) So I'm coming home tonight (yeah) Well, no matter what the cost And if the plane goes down Or if the crew can't wake me up Well, just know that I'm alright I was not afraid to die Oh, even if there's songs to sing Well, my children will carry me Just know that I'm alright I was not afraid to die Because I put my faith in my little girls So I never say, "Goodbye, cruel world." Just know that I'm alright I am not afraid to die

Check out the video below: