Enhle Mbali is NOT having twins and NOT giving birth today

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali (Instagram)
Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Late last month Enhle Mbali got everybody talking when she revealed that she would be expecting not one but two babies.

Then at the beginning of this week, she also started a countdown, saying that she would be welcoming her babies today.

Except there's a catch. Black Coffee's wife has now revealed that her twins are in fact not real life babies. Yes, she will be giving birth - although that's not today and there's only one human baby. The second baby is really the launch of a clothing line.

She addressed questions on Twitter where she confirmed the fashion line, saying it would be available across selected stores online.

She says she said it was twins because the clothing line is like having another child.

What a trickster!