Family first for The Gumbis

Trevor Gumbi and his family (Instagram)
Trevor Gumbi and his family (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Trevor Gumbi and his wife, Lucille have been through a lot in their relationship. From horrible messages on Twitter, to overcoming an addiction problem, they've stuck together.

They've got two children together and celebrated their 9th anniversary in May this year. Through it all, they've also been filming their own reality show, been overseas and started a production/events company.

And although they've been very open about their relationship, a message by Lucille is an eye-opener as to the secret behind their success.

"The past few weeks have been all sorts of crazy for me and tryna keep it together and satisfy all had been an ordeal but I thank God daily for his support and encouragement. Today I  put him in a bad situation and he really kept his cool (although I know he was hella angry at me) well I know he knows I am sorry and I have been extremely crazy lately. I am extremely grateful that I am out here in Swaziland and I have someone who loves me unconditionally at home."

Aw. That unconditional love bit got us, because we know just how much this couple have been through.

Major #RelationshipGoals right here!