Felicia's daughter breaks onto the billboard charts!

Lindiwe Suttle (Instagram)
Lindiwe Suttle (Instagram)

Joburg- While the whole country congratulates Black Coffee on his upcoming world tour, Mzansi might already have its next big international export- and it's none other than the daughter of legendary talk queen, Felicia Mabuza- Suttle.

Well, that's if the US billboard charts are to be believed.

Felicia's daughter, Lindiwe Suttle, charted in the top 10 of the Billboard Emerging Artists charts this week with her single Sunglasses and took to Instagram to share the good news.

She posted a picture of her song on the chart and a caption which included the hilarious line "this is NOT a #ForbesPhotoshop". 

"Sunglasses is about my lazy ex, who never did anything but look at himself in the mirror," Lindiwe explains on the songs Soundcloud page.

Congrats, Lindiwe!

Give it a listen