Flabba Murder Trial: Jealousy and missing medical files

The Flabba Murder Trial (Supplied)
The Flabba Murder Trial (Supplied)

Johannesburg - The murder trial of late hip hop musician, Flabba Habedi, resumed in the Randburg Magistrates court on Monday with the state calling its last two witnesses.

The court heard how Flabba and the accused, Sindi Manqele, spent the night with friends at The Sands nightclub only hours before the rapper's death.

State witness, Masego Tsele, told how she and Sindi had gone to the bar after the group bumped into Flabba's ex-girlfriend, a woman only known as Kea.

She says that Kea was dancing with Flabba, and this made Sindi uncomfortable. The girls were then approached by the two men who spoke to them before Flabba and Masego's boyfriend approached the men.

An argument between the men, and then between Sindi and Flabba ensued, and the group left soon after. Masego maintains that the argument was over by the time the couple had left for home, and that she did not see Sindi call for a taxi, as the defence alleges.

Meanwhile, the defence claims Flabba forced Sindi to leave so that she wouldn't go back into the club and "fish for men."

The state's second witness, investigating officer Seila Malaka, meanwhile claimed that Sindi's medical records had disappeared from the clinic where she was supposed to have been treated.

He told the court that he arrived at the scene of the murder where Sindi showed him her injured left arm, and told him Flabba had pushed her, causing her abdomen pains.

“She said she sustained the injuries when the deceased pushed her in the street in Sandton, and on her arm she cut herself with a bottle,” officer Seila told the court.

He told the court that Manqele was treated at the Alexandra Clinic, but when he went to go and search for the files on two occasions, he could not find them .

The case will resume on Wednesday where the defence will present its first witnesses.

The defence say that they will call on another officer who was at the scene, the alleged taxi driver Manqele called, a forensic pathologist and Sindi herself to give testimony.