Flabba Murder Trial: Sindi tells court rapper burst in with a knife

The Flabba Murder Trial (Supplied)
The Flabba Murder Trial (Supplied)

Johannesburg - The Randburg High Court heard further evidence from murder accused, Sindisiwe Manqele on Thursday afternoon in the murder trial of late hip hop artist, Flabba Habedi. 

Sindi continued her testimony from Tuesday, telling the court that Flabba had rushed into the bedroom with a knife on the night the rapper was killed.

Sindi says the pair were not speaking when they arrived home from The Sands on the night of the murder. She rushed out of the car and into the bedroom when the pair arrived at home, because she did not want to talk to the rapper and wanted to go to bed.

"Tempers were high and I wanted to talk to him the next day. I rushed into the bedroom as I was getting away from Flabba. I wanted to lock him out  - and was still upset," she told the court.

She says that she changed into a maroon crop top and switched off the light, assuming that Flabba would see the locked door and the light off, and assume that he should sleep on the couch or in the next room.

Sindi says that Flabba knocked on the door and asked her to open, and when she did not respond, he went to the window and knocked aggressively.

He returned to the door after a few more minutes and she eventually opened "to get the argument over with."

Sindi says once she opened the door, Flabba rushed into the room with a knife in his hand, with the impact of the door pushing Sindi to the floor.

Sindi says she sat up and Flabba approached her as her back was against the headboard,and her knees were against her chest.

"Listen here, first thing: you don't lock me out of my f*cken room" she says the rapper told her as he paced the room with a knife in his left hand. She responded by saying "Yeah. Whatever.”

She says Flabba kept asking her if she was being disrespectful because she thought she was pretty, and because of his financial situation.

Flabba called her a b*tch and she started screaming that he was crazy. He grabbed her jaw and the started screaming in her ear, repeatedly calling her a b*tch."

Sindi told him to leave her "f*cken face" alone. She says the rapper then spat in her face and arm locked her with his left hand.

After she shouted at him, calling him crazy, and tried to loosen his grip, she says the rapper put the knife on the table and started packing her bags.

She stood up to help him and he pushed her back on the bed aggressively, asking her where she was going and accusing her of going to Cape Town to prostitute herself.

"That's why you didn't want to talk to me while you're in CT because you were with a man.
You didn't even call me when you were in CT, because you were there to b*tch," she says he told her. 

The trial continues.