Flabba's girlfriend: "I killed him in self defense"

Flabba's girlfriend, Sindisiwe Manqele has today revealed that she killed the rapper in self defense.

Sindisiwe made her second court appearance at the Alexandra Magistrates Court this morning, where her defence team is arguing that she is released on bail.

Her lawyer read out her sworn affidavit to the court, in which she claims to have killed Flabba after he apparently beat her up.

"I had been brutally attacked by Flabba on the day of his death. I deny I committed a crime, I killed Flabba in self defense," she said in the affadavit. 

The accused argued that she has been a law-abiding citizen for most of her life and there was no evidence that indicated that if she was granted bail, it would disturb public order.

The affadavit also stated that if Sindisiwe was granted bail, she would live at another house for her own safety. The affadavit also included a doctor's note, which found that she had sustained soft tissue injuries caused by blunt force trauma.

"State doctor notes Sindisiwe walking with a limp, injuries over ribs, shoulders, arms, jaw..incised wound on abdomen," the affadavit stated.

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*Picture: Twitter