Flabba's girlfriends father: "She wouldn't hurt a fly"

The father of the woman who has been arrested in connection with the death of Flabba has described his daughter as an angel who wouldn't hurt a fly.

Themba Manqele, the father of Sindiswe, says that his daughter is a respectful person because that's how she was brought up. Themba is a retired police officer and his late wife was a pastor.

"She always told me of her whereabouts. She cooked and cleaned at home. Sindi grew up respecting her elders. I taught her that," he said.

He says that he has been advised against visiting Flabba's house and not to see the family. "I was told to go there after the funeral after some people have left. They are still mourning," he told Sunday World.

It's believed Sindi was studying in Ireland and came back to visit family during holidays and for study breaks. It's reported that she was due back  soon.

*Sources: Sunday World, Times Live, City Press, SAPA

*Picture: Instagram