Former Backstage Actresses start their own TV channel

Salamina Mosese, Stephina Zwane (Twitter)
Salamina Mosese, Stephina Zwane (Twitter)

Johannesburg - Actresses Salamina Mosese and Stephina Zwane have an ambitious new venture- to rule our screens with their new online TV channel, AZTV.

Salamina and Stephina both starred on Backstage, back in the day, and have teamed up once again to launch the channel, aimed at providing the best in local entertainment, inspirational talk and lifestyle content.

"It is inspired by our desire to see more content from Africans to Africans on the go," the duo told Bona recently.

"Aza means powerful in KiSwahili. It is our express wish to encourage Africans to think of themselves from a position of power. Our aim is to celebrate who we are as Africans through various shows that we have on the platform, and through the many more that we will have when we start to work with more independent producers from across the continent".

The channel can be accessed HERE

We wonder if it will show reruns of Backstage?