Here's how to woo Nomuzi Mabena...

Nomuzi Mabena (Instagram)
Nomuzi Mabena (Instagram)

Johannesburg - She's one of the hottest properties in rap at the moment, but what would it take to get with Skhanda Queen Nomuzi Mabena? Quite a lot it seems.

Nomuzi has been linked to fellow Cashtime family member, Kid X, for ages now, but she opened up to Threaded Man recently about her ideal man. So, gents, take notes.

She says the ideal man is one who is down with the streets, but still cleans himself up to look good in public.

“The ideal threaded man, naturally, has to look good, or at least well put together. Nobody wants a crusty guy mmmkhay! As a man, you need to be ambitious, and secure with yourself and your manhood," she told the mag.

And if you date her, you better be ready to spontaneously spoil her.

"I once dated a guy that would take me to the best restaurants, even in the middle of the afternoon. I thought it was really sweet. He always wanted to try new things and treat myself to the finer things. Those kinds of dates are the best for me," she told the magazine.

Right! So, how's about a date next Tuesday afternoon, Nomuzi? We know this great place downtown...