Here's what Reason has to say about Rap Dads

Reason, L-tido and Ma-E will be sharing a big part of their lives - fatherhood -  with fans on Vuzu Amp's, Rap Dads. The show, which airs on the channel tonight at 7pm, will follow these rappers as they try to balance their careers and family lives.

Speaking to The Juice about the show, Reason said: "It's about the ins and outs of my daily life. It's just a closer look at the stuff I talk about in my music." The rapper said this will not be one of those reality shows that are filled with bickering and fighting. "It's not nasty. It's a real story about about real individuals," he said.

The rapper also mentioned that he has a good relationship with both L-Tido and Ma-E because he's known them for years. "We get along quite fine."

We can't wait for the show!

*Picture: Instagram