Hulisani Ravele sets herself a new challenge!

Hulisani Ravele (Instagram)
Hulisani Ravele (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Learning a new language can be difficult for anyone!

But a nightmare many of us had to endure during high school has become Hulisani's new challenge!

You see, Hulisani has set herself a new goal to learn isiXhosa.

She took to Instagram to make the announcement recently.

Hulisani can already speak 3 languages fluently (English, Afrikaans and TshiVenda) and several more at a basic level. But she has decided to throw herself into learning one of the few SA languages she still does not know.

"I'm going on a little adventure of learning a new South African language, isiXhosa. We're so quick to learn foreign languages, nothing wrong with that, but I think being able to speak 3 or more of OUR languages is dope!" she wrote, adding,"IsiXhosa will make that 7 official South African languages."

We'll teach you, Hulisani! Let's start with "Will you marry me, Psyfo?"