ICYMI: Ex and Lebo take Big Brother money and run!

Leave the house and take home a guaranteed R100, 000 or stay in the house and compete for the chance to win 2 million?

That was the difficult decison posed to Big Brother Mzansi contestants Ex and Lebo on Sunday night.

Just as the house, and many of us at home, were celebrating the fact that there would be no evictions from the house this week, the phone in the house rang and Lebo and her partner, Ex were summoned outside where host Lungile Radu gave them the tough decision.

The catch? They had to make the decision together. Lebo said yes. Ex said no. Lebo pleaded. Ex cried. Ex gave in. They walked home with a cool R100, 000.

And just like that the Big Brother house has two less occupants. (Four if you count the fact that we never see Soxx and Thembi because they always under the sheets).