Inside Tol Ass Mo's Family Drama

He's one of the top actors and comedians in the country, but Tol Ass Mo says all he wants is for his mother to be a part of his success.

Mo, who not long ago became a dad, recently decided to change his surname from his mothers maiden name to his fathers surname, something that didn't go down well with his mother who has refused to speak to him ever since.

Mo Told Move the decision stems back to when he was younger and curious about his absent father. "For years there were a lot of things that were not going right in my life. I had a lot of difficulties and started asking lots of questions. I asked my mother and her family about my father," he says.

Mo says his mom got angry and so he decided to do some digging of his own. He found out his father was a political prisoner sent to jail when Mo was 2 years old and who hasn't contributed to Mo's life ever since.

Mo says that he understands his moms anger with his dad but he refuses to share the anger, instead hoping that she will accept that he is his father's son.

This thing of not knowing my true identity really bothered me. I don't want my children to bear a surname that is not mine," he says, adding "It breaks my heart that my mother and I are still estranged. I love her so much I want her to be part of my success".

*Picture: Instagram