Is DJ Sbu that desperate to get a gig?

DJ Sbu (Instagram)
DJ Sbu (Instagram)

Johannesburg - DJ Sbu must really want a gig? That or he just really wants to get rid of a whole lot of MoFaya.

The radio personality and businessman has been hard at work promoting his energy drink of late, and in the rush, he might have forgotten to promote his other talents.

You see, Sbu wants to get a gig and is willing to offer promoters a whole shipment of MoFaya- worth between R40 000 and R50 000 - if they sign him on.

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"#BreakingNews! This entire MoFaya stock worth R40 - R50k can be yours for free just by booking DJ Sbu. #RealEmpowerment," he wrote on social media.

Sbu and his team will even travel and find their own accommodation to your event , so there's no Cassper-Malinga Petrol money and parking drama.

The marketing strategy promises to help promoters get Sbu at their event without a lot of the cost it would have otherwise taken, while allowing him to promote his drink at the event.

There's no word yet on whether the SABC will be taking up this offer for their Christmas party later in the year...but maybe someone tell them about it?