Is Mshoza bluffing about her love life?

She's going around telling everyone that she's dating a successful and RICH businessman, but is she telling the truth?

According to Move, Mshoza may actually be kind of exaggerating that "successful and rich" part of her story.

The magazine says that Mshoza is instead dating a married shebeen owner (known as Zamani) who is so in love with her, he's willing to give up his marriage and nearly all he earns to fund her lifestyle.

Mshoza of course denies this saying:"I'm not dating a tavern owner. Who is Zamani? I am dating a rich businessman but I cannot tell you who he is or what he does. He is so big that saying he owns a tavern is an insult to him," she says. "And, he is not married," she adds.

But Zamani is not the only one obsessed

Apparently Mshoza is still kind of hung up on her ex, Jacob Mnisi.

The business tycoon has apparently been cosying up to Prosper's widow Tina Jaxa (or Tina J) and  and it's driving Mshoza mad!

Move says that Mshoza packed her bags and drove all the way to Jacob's house in Mpumalanga to deal with the situation.

But both Mshoza and Jacob have denied this and say that the visits are for Mshoza to visit her kids.

"Tina is the least of my worries right now. Jacob can date whoever he wants as long as my children are not affected. We live separate lives," Mshoza says.

*Picture: Instagram