J'Something FINALLY opens up about his girlfriend

J Something (Instagram)
J Something (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It's official! J'Something is taken! Sorry ladies. 

The Mi Casa frontman has always been shy about discussing his love life, but it seems all it took was a nice chat with Gareth Cliff to have all of J's love secrets tumble out of the cupboard.

In an interview with Gareth on CliffCentral this week, J confirmed what hundreds of women across Mzansi feared: that he is in a serious long term relationship.

"Her name is Coco," he told Gareth. "It's been years. It's been underground," he adds.

J says he was introduced to Coco through some friends at a studio and then later at a party, but that there was no instant attraction - mainly because they were both already in steady relationships with other people.

"At the time our paths could not meet and then later on, life happened," he says

The couple stay together in Johannesburg and have been together for about as long as Mi Casa has been around (about 4/5 years). J says she liked him before he was famous.

"I had no car and then I drove a Ballade," he jokes.

So, there you have it! J is in love with the Coco.