Jen Su bids SA farewell... kinda!

There have been all kinds of rumours about our beloved camera-loving Jen Su leaving SA. Say it isn't so! Well, it isn't!

Jen, who made her mark on the entertainment scene after landing a slot on 5FM breakfast with Gareth Cliff way back, has found a way of creeping into our hearts with her camera, hats, pulling of her hair and obsessing about celeb news. 

So, we caught up with her to find out exactly what's up...

We hear that you’re moving to China. Please don’t say that you are leaving us?

(Laughs) I'm not leaving... yet.  I have a house that I'm setting up in China, but I am still very much in South Africa. I still have my work, property and plenty of parties to go to in SA! Rest assured, my heart will always be in SA.

Okay, so you’ll be living between China and SA?

Yes, I've always been a global citizen and every year I'm in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. I'm aiming to be in SA as much as I can. I've already got a lot of corporate events that I have signed on to emcee, plus some excellent events on the red carpet calendar, so I am already booking all my flights for the upcoming months.

But your husband and your children are based in China - that’s gotta put strain on you, surely?

Yes, I definitely feel stressed. But the children are at a crucial age for learning to speak Chinese fluently. They were both accepted into one of the best schools in Shanghai and their Chinese has really improved. I'm hoping, as a parent, that I can do what my parents did for me, which was to send me to school in Taiwan in my teens. I had a tough transition from growing up in America, to an all-Chinese school. But now I thank them because being completely fluent in Chinese in addition to English has opened many doors for me. I hope that I can give my kids that same opportunity to become really fluent in Mandarin and enter a top university.

You’ve always lived a somewhat nomadic lifestyle. How do you keep your family together?

I'm very fortunate in that I can fly at any time. I also have incredible staff, family and friends who help me in all my homes, from China to Thailand to the U.S. and of course SA! I use Skype and Line and am up most of the night sorting out admin. I just wish I could split myself into 5! Ok, even 4 would be good!

How often do you reckon you’ll be in SA?

Definitely once a month if not more. I was just here for 3 weeks!

Where is home for you?

Home for me is South Africa! My heart is here - that will never change.

Do you think that you’ll eventually abandon us completely?

Never! Not only do I own property here, but also I know from living in many countries all over the world that I always go back and see my friends. We keep in touch through social media and I feel like I'm always in touch with so many friends around the world.

This year is a transition year for many of my friends too -- whether it's a new job, relocation or new phase of life -- and sometimes you have to just go where life takes you.

After Simba (Mhere) and Kady-Shay (O'Bryan) passed away so tragically, it really tore a hole in my heart and it's made me realize just how precious life is. When I used to just take people and parties for granted, now I have really treasured every moment that I spend with my close friends in SA and I don't sweat the small stuff anymore. Instead of wasting time saying 'why is my life so complicated?' -- I've learned to appreciate every moment and know that I'm doing this for my kids.

Be honest: if we had to come and visit, would you let us sleep in your spare room?

Haha! You're welcome to crash, as long as you can scrub my toilets...or bring me a nice bottle of champagne!

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