Jessica Nkosi: "Being famous is a lonely place"

Jessica Nkosi's definitely making her mark in the acting world.

At just 24-years-old, Jessica entered the industry and won over many hearts as the love-struck rural girl, Qondi on Isibaya.

For those of you who are Isibaya fans, you'll know that Qondi and Fezile (Andile Mxakaza) are the soapie's very own Romeo & Juliet.

They've even been nominated for a Royalty Soapie Award in the Outstanding Couple category.

Playing Qondi & Eve:

"The fact that we got recognised for the connection we have on-screen is amazing and reassuring. It gives us confirmation that we're doing justice to the characters," she told The Juice. 

More recently, Jessica has bagged a role on Vuzu's Ayeye playing the character of Eve.  The actress says that playing two completely different characters at the same time can be quite challenging at times. "I'm not complaining at all, but it does have it's challenges. In one day I get to be Qondi, Eve and Jessica," she joked.

She explained that landing the role of Eve was a complete blessing to her. "It was nerve-wrecking at first because I didn't know if people would take to me playing another character, but the love they've shown me has been liberating," she added.

Being famous:

The soap star, who entered the industry just over two years ago, says that she wouldn't change it for anything in the world but being famous is a 'lonely place.'

"I would love to see my family and friends more often, but playing two characters simultaneously keeps me on my toes. I'm not complaining though and absolutely love every minute of it," she explained.

When asked about which character she loves more, Jessica says that she honestly loves Qondi and Eve equally because they're so different.

About the feud reports:

For months now Jessica Nkosi and Nomzamo Mbatha have come under scrutiny for an alleged feud between them.

There's been a string of rumours that Nomzamo called her engagement to singer Khaya Mthethwa off because of an alleged affair between Khaya and Jessica. 

These rumours have hogged the headlines since late last year but neither of them would confirm or deny them.

When The Juice asked Jessica to set the record straight on the matter, she wouldn't be drawn into shedding any light either. "I have absolutely no clue where this feud stems from," she said.

So it was all made up then?