Kabelo Mabalane is gatvol of politics in SA

Johannesburg -Musician and actor Kabelo Mabalane had fans in a tizz recently, when one of the songs on his new album seemed to take shots at President Jacob Zuma.

On the track, Free This Land, Kabelo moans about an "enemy of progress", "a moemish who messes up with his rubbish" and he later calls for the return of former president Thabo Mbeki.

But Kabelo denies that the track is aimed at Zuma, and says it is rather an attack on all politicians who take advantage of people's silence and ignorance.

Talking to Sowetan recently, Kabelo says the time has come for people to stand up to their leaders and voice their concerns.

"The aim of the song is to inspire people to speak their mind and not be controlled by fear," he tells the paper.

But that doesn't mean he'll be packing it all in and taking his family to Australia!

As Kabelo says on the track, he only has one passport and one home and he's determined to stay and make it better.

Good for him!