Kabomo "I got really nervous singing with Sibongile Khumalo"

Soul singer, Kabomo had the pleasure of sharing a stage with the legendary soul musician Sibongile Khumalo recently. He says it was one the most nerve racking experiences of his life.

Kabomo took to Instagram after the performance to gush about how amazing it was for him to perform with mama Khumalo "Last night I had the pleasure of performing with Mama Sibongile Khumalo. I huge highlight for me. Blessings" he wrote.

But in case you were wondering what was going through his mind during the amazing performance, Kabomo hinted later that all he could think about was his nerves and the pressure of getting all his notes on point. "You know how nerve wrecking it is to sing with Mama Sibongile Khumalo sitting right next to you?" he asked his fans and followers? " (She's) listening to every note? Pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, " he added, along with a grainy picture of her watching him perform from the side of the stage.


Don't worry, Kabomo, we would be just as frightened! Great job!

*Picture: Instagram