Kelly Khumalo on the hate: 'I don't entertain negativity'

Kelly Khumalo (Gallo Images)
Kelly Khumalo (Gallo Images)

Johannesburg- It's no secret that Kelly Khumalo has had her fair share of tragedy, hate and controversy. 

Over the years, Kelly has been called every name in the book and has been tried by society repeatedly. But Kelly continues to hold her head up high because she doesn't let "people dictate her life." 

The songstress and TV personality told The Juice that she's never let the public scrutiny bother her or dictate how she lives her life. 

"I don't care about the scrutiny or what people think about me. I never entertain negativity because people always impose their beliefs on you or pull you down because they themselves are feeling down," she explained. 

Kelly added that she never gives people that type of power over her because they are not worth it. "I focus my energy on doing what I've been created to do and that's being an entertainer," she went on to add. 

The Asine star told us that she's at peace with herself right now, so people can say whatever they like about her, it doesn't bother her. 

"I'm at peace with myself and my surroundings so I just don't care about the negativity," she added. 

Despite facing tragedy in her life not so long ago, Kelly has poured her energy into her career and being a mom to her two children, Christian and Thingo. 

Speaking about her children, Kelly's face lights up with love instantly. 


Kelly says that juggling a career and being a single mom isn't something that she needs to think about because it just falls into place. 

"God will never give you something that is not right for you, and with that said, my kids have been designed to understand that this is the kind of lifestyle they are going to have with me as their mother," she said. 

Kelly added that when she's travelling, she's fortunate to have her mom and sister to help her take care of Christian and little Thingo. 

But when she's home they are her everything. 

"When I'm away from them I miss them driving me crazy because they do drive me crazy, especially little Thingo, who has so much energy and is a bully to her brother. No matter how many toys I buy in the house, they will find one to fight over, and Thingo bullies Christian who never fights back because she's little," Kelly added. 

Even though it may drive her crazy- Kelly says that it's these little things that she yearns for when she's away from them.