Khanya Mkangisa shows love to Matli Mohapeloa

Khanya and Matli (Instagram)
Khanya and Matli (Instagram)

Johannesburg- It seems like there's definitely something brewing between Khanya Mkangisa and Matli Mohapeloa. 

Khanya and Matli have been rumoured to be involved for months. But they have never officially admitted to it. 

A few months ago Khanya and Matli were spotted together in Lesotho, and then they posted a series of snaps of them getting quite cosy at the Chris Brown concert. 

This set the rumour mill in motion yet again with fans asking if they were an item. All Khanya would say at the time was that Matli has a huge crush on her. 

Now, Khanya has officially declared that Matli is her 'man crush everyday.' 

We don't know about you guys, but from where we're sitting this is a done deal?