Kwaito star behind bars for refusing to pay a booze bill

Tokollo "Magesh" Tshabalala (Instagram)
Tokollo "Magesh" Tshabalala (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Kwaito star Magesh was thrown in jail this week after refusing to pay his drinks bill

According to Daily Sun, Magesh was arrested in a Bloemfontein tavern on Monday, after he refused to pay for his R62 bill.

A source says Magesh, who had been complaining about the cost of drinks at the tavern, tried to leave without paying when he was stopped by a waitress.

“Magesh and his friend ordered two drinks. Then the waitress asked him to pay when she saw him trying to leave without settling his bill. The star then told her the drinks were expensive. He said he had his own club in Joburg that didn’t charge that much,” the source says.

An argument erupted and lasted about two hours before police were called in to settle the dispute and arrested the TKZee star.

Police have confirmed the arrest and confirmed that Magesh is set to appear in court later today.

Next time just let us settle the bill, Magesh...please.