Kwela Tebza told to pay back the money

Tebogo and the boys are in real trouble!

Apparently they lent R40,000 from Mama Nancy Mabena and they still haven't paid her back!

The Sunday Sun reports that singing group Kwela Tebza lent the money from Nancy to finance a local talent search in Soweto.

They promised to pay her back at the end of the month and she never got her money. To make matters worse, their mom even chased her away from the house...

"I agreed to lend them R40 000 for a month. But they didn't pay, and finally I took a letter of demand to them," she told the paper.

When reached for comment, Tebogo called the situation "bad and complicated at the same time".

We wonder if Khanyi... we mean Tebogo can send the money via eWallet to Mama Nancy?

*Picture: Instagram