Lillian Dube returns to work after single mastectomy

Lillian Dube (Afternoon Express)
Lillian Dube (Afternoon Express)

Johannesburg - Good news, fam! Ma' Lillian Dube is well and ready to get back to work after undergoing a single mastectomy procedure last week.

The legendary Soul City actress was recently admitted to hospital after a recurrence of breast cancer (more on that here), where she underwent an operation to remove one of her breasts.

Lillian's team told The Juice that the actress had her right breast removed after she recently noticed a bump on her breast.

The actress previously had her nipple removed after discovering cancerous cells back in 2007, but the cancer returned and the actress had to undergo a single mastectomy.

"Doctors had to remove her right breast completely, the same breast that she was diagnosed with previously. But her doctors say that she is completely free of cancer now," Lillian’s team told The Juice.

It is understood that Lillian may undergo breast reconstruction at a later stage, but for now she is working on recovering fully from her latest surgery.

“Lilian is doing well. The operation was a success and she is recuperating. She is taking it easy and returning to work slowly," Lillian's team says.