Lunga Shabalala addresses gay rumours

TV presenter Lunga Shabalala has finally spoken out about those gay rumours. Lunga, who burst onto the scene after winning the Selimathunzi presenter search competition, set the record straight on Screentime with Nicky Greenwall last night.

He said: "There's a rumour that I'm gay, there's a rumour that I slept my way to the top." Nicky asked whether or not he was hurt by these claims. He replied: "I laughed more than anything. It was a situation where one person says that I'm gay then the other one says that I sleep with five girls a week. In my head I'm thinking: 'Guys, can we pick up one here cause I can't be both. Which one is which'?"

Lunga said all one can do is laugh. "They are writing nonsense but they're writing it because people want to read about you," he added. The Man Cave presenter has been linked to model and Channel O presenter K Naomi Noinyane. 

Picture: Instagram