Luthando Shosha 'LootLove' hits out at some celebs

LootLove (Instagram)
LootLove (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Live Amp host Luthando Shosha aka LootLove has never been one to hold her tongue.

So, when she was invited to speak in a round table discussion at CliffCentral recently, LootLove couldn't help but give her spicy views on a few newsmakers.

The first person in her line of fire was Caitlyn Jenner, who she believes is not being “genuine.”

"It’s not a real genuine thing. The show doesn’t feel like he’s showing us what it’s really like. He’s not taking us through the real emotions. Everything is so calculated. Everything is so ‘I’m here to save. I’m here to be the voice of transgender women,' but you not telling us what is real, what they have to deal with on the daily. He’s just a cover of I don’t know what? Greatness?” she says.

Loot says Caitlyn needs to stop being deep, and rather show people how transgender people actually live their lives.

“If you’ve just become a woman your hormones are crazy! We need to see you upset in the morning and a different person later. We need to see that to understand and feel like it’s a real thing. Not everything is perfectly fine. I just learnt how to do my make up for an hour. It feels like a gimmick and I can’t relate,” she adds.

Minnie Dlamini

And, Minnie Dlamini was next on her radar. It's no secret that Minnie is not everyone’s favourite person right now, especially after she lent her image to an e-toll advertising campaign.

Loot says the campaign is something she would not have participated in if she were Minnie.

“I’m very edgy with that kind of stuff. If I really don’t agree with it you can give me a lot of money and I'll still be like 'no dawg' because the aftermath is way too much for me to deal with,” she says

Cassper Nyovest

Loot says that Cassper should have stood up for himself after AKA slapped him in a club recently.

"I am tired. It's okay if you want to play the victim all the time but we tired, hey. No, actually forget your sponsors, there is no reason for you tweeting at 4am that you just got slapped. You could have just let it go," She says.

"You that kid. You got hit in the street and you ran to your mom and your mom ran back."

Remind us never to get in the way of Loot on a bad day...