Mark Fish taking it easy after heart attack

Mark Fish is at home recovering after his health scare. The soccer legend sustained a mild heart attack a few days ago. His fiancée Salomé Jansen van Rensburg told The Juice: "He's fine. He's resting and taking it easy. You have to take it easy after experiencing something like that." She added that Mark is also spending time with his children. reported that the former Bafana Bafana player was rushed to hospital on Sunday after experiencing chest pains.

"I woke up my fiancé, Salomé Jansen van Rensburg. She said I looked pale and insisted that we go to hospital. I was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. They did a gastroscopy and angiogram. We’re waiting for the results to determine the cause of the heart attack," he told the news site.

 He said he's glad it's over and that the tests were done. "I want to start taking better care of myself," he said.

*Picture: Twitter