Maskandi artist taken to HRC for telling foreigners to leave

Urban Zulu griot, Zanefa Ngidi (Supplied)
Urban Zulu griot, Zanefa Ngidi (Supplied)

Johannesburg - Maskandi artist, Zanefa Ngidi, could find himself in trouble after he was apparently taken to the Human Rights Comission over his controversial lyrics.

Zanefa's latest single has people hot under the colalr, especially since the title, Abahambe Osbari, translates to "Foreigners must go."

In the song, Zenafe says that local music is being pirated by foreigners, and that the government's silence has caused a divided nation.

And it seems the song has even divided social media:

But the artist says he's only giving a voice to what the average man on the street is saying.

“People should listen to the song properly before talking or taking action. Our government went all out to stop xenophobia, but did nothing about foreign nationals copying our music and selling it at low prices,” he told the Daily Sun.

“If we stand up for ourselves we get arrested. We die poor. I’m creative in a democratic country trying by all means to shout that people, especially foreigners, must stop piracy," he adds.

He says he will not apologise for the song or its lyrics.

“I don’t back down and I know deep down that many artists, fans and people all over Mzansi will support me on this one," he told the paper.