Matli Mohapeloa doesn't see himself as a 'heartthrob'

Matli Mohapeloa (Instagram)
Matli Mohapeloa (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Actor Matli Mohapeloa has women from across Mzansi throwing themselves at him. 

Let's be honest: who wouldn't? 

But despite being viewed by others as a heartthrob, Matli doesn't think of himself that way. 

"It's quite flattering to be considered a heartthrob, but ultimately my parents are to blame for that. I keep my image clean so I can be a role model to my child because in our industry, all the wrong things you do get publicised," the actor told Move! magazine. 

Matli added that being a dad is enough reason for him to live his life responsibly. 

Good for you!