MiCasa gives fans a glimpse of their lives

Micasa (Instagram)
Micasa (Instagram)

Johannesburg - MiCasa has been hard at work filming all the action for the next season of etv's Rolling With,  as it unpacks for us to see. 

The house band is one of few celebs, who will be featured on the upcoming season of the reality show that charts the lives of SA's most famous faces, and gives fans a glimpse into their everyday lives.

"Fans will see what MiCasa members get up to individually. So you'll see what Dr.Duda usually does when he is not making music or performing, what Mo-T gets up to, and J-Something as well," Micasa's manager Collin Mokgaotsi, revealed to The Juice.

He also added that this will give viewers an opportunity to get to know them better. 

The band recently took to Twitter  to share snaps of them doing their diary sessions for the show. However, details of when their episode will be airing have not yet been revealed. 

We don't know about you, but we can barely wait for this one...