Ms Cosmo is going back to School!

Knowledge is power they say. That’s why DJ, Ms Cosmo, decided she’s going back to school in 2015.

She dropped the bombshell to The Juice in a chat recently. “I studied a B.Com Finance at UJ until 2009 and I’ve always wanted to go back and finish an honours degree in finance. So, I”ve applied and hold thumbs I get into the program,” she adds.

She says she’ll approach studying in a different way now that she’s older and wiser. “I guess the focus will be different because I have less time now.  I’ll probably have to put some more hours in in the evenings and also visit the library – which I hardly did during my degree”.

She says her ultimate goal is to get an MBA, but says it depends on her schedule and situation going forward.

Who knows? In the future we could be referring to her as DJ Dr instead of Ms Cosmo.

At least she'll be able to apply for student discounts now. Score!

*Picture: Instagram