Music: Ma-E - uGOGO

In a nutshell: Teargas member, Ma-E, is going the route of K.O, releasing some solo stuff. His latest single is the hilarious uGOGO. But can it follow in the footsteps of K.O's mega hit, Caracara?

What’s it like: Cashtime vibes. There is a distinct Cashtime sound that is starting to emerge and you hear it on uGogo. It's a sound that is catchy and doesn't take itself too seriously. The beat is infectious and Ma-E's distinctive voice is there to give it a strong direction.

Fave Bit: When the beat drops to a more gangster beat at its midway point. It brings ghetto vibes that just makes us want to get our G on!

Rating: Cashtime productions seem to be dominating our ears at the moment and with the release of Ma-E's uGogo we may have a new summer favourite. It's catchy and really fun.  4/5