Music: Major Lazer Feat. Pharrel - Aerosol Can

In a nutshell: Pharrel Williams is on fire at the moment. Everything the man touches turns to gold and so when he lends his vocals to Diplo-headed music project, Major Lazer, you can only imagine what kind of dirty sound comes out. What’s it like: Tribal EDM. Sampling exotic and urban beat riffs Aerosol Can pours on the layers of electro until you feel like you in the club.The song is so trap it's barely legal but Pharrel's vocals make sure this song will have a wider audience and thank goodness for those vocals because it seems like they were made to be crafted over electro beats. Fave Bit: A bamboo beat intro that's so good it could be a number one hit all by itself. No matter what mood you in, if you listen to the first 30 seconds you will be guaranteed to be in the mood for a party. Rating: Major Lazer and Pharrel alone make a pretty amazing act but when the two collide the results are so amazing it makes you want to dance all night and never listen to any other EDM. Ever!    5/5