John Morapama: 'I slept on a bench for 3 weeks'

John Morapama (Supplied)
John Morapama (Supplied)

Johannesburg - John Morapama may play the role of rich man, Lerumo Mojalefa on Muvhango, but life has been a constant fight against poverty for the actor.

Speaking to Move recently, John reveals that he gave up a job as a private teacher and radio actor in Limpopo to pursue his dream in Joburg -  a journey that almost killed him.

You see, when John first arrived in Joburg he was homeless and friendless and spent the first few weeks in the big city sleeping on a bench at Park Station. It was so bad that on the third week of his stay at the station he woke to find all his bags and belongings stolen.

Still, John overcame it all and scored a role in a play called Township Boy

But the poverty hasn't really escaped poor John, who says without proper support from government and the introduction of proper regulations, even his acting job cannot keep the wolves from his door.

"One major difference between me and Lerumo Mojalefa in Muvhango is that he is rich and I'm poor," he says.

"This is hard and very sad because people think we (actors) have it all and we don't. We are celebrated but we have nothing to show for it," he laments.

Well, if you ever fall on hard times again, don't go back to Park, John. We have a couch you can totes crash on!