24 comedians, one stage, two hours of non-stop laughter at Savanna Newcomer Showcase

Local comedians get ready to perform at the Savanna Newcomer Showcase (Photo: The Juice)
Local comedians get ready to perform at the Savanna Newcomer Showcase (Photo: The Juice)

Johannesburg – Laughter rang through the halls of the Soweto Theatre on Sunday evening when 24 up-and-coming local comedians took to the stage to show off their stuff at the Savanna Newcomers Showcase.

But the night was not just about getting a few chuckles from the crowd. Nope, these rising stars had so much more at stake as they were competing to see who would make it into the running for the title of Newcomer of the Year at the 2019 Savanna Comics Choice Awards.

The energy was electric at the venue when we first stepped on the scene, with guests being treated to good music, great food, and of course, a steady flow of Savanna to get them ready for the night ahead. 

Having had enough time to mingle and grab a bite to eat, the crowd was then ushered into the theatre, popcorn at the ready, as they for the show to begin. 

The host for the night was non-other than Tsitsi Chiumya who happened to walk away with the Newcomer award in 2018. 

Speaking to The Juice before hitting the stage, Tsitsi shared some advice with the comedians who now found themselves in the exact same position he was in one year prior. 

"Just be yourself. This event is very overwhelming, especially for someone who is used to performing in small towns," he said, mentioning that comedians usually buckle under pressure when they realise that there are "big names" in the crowd. 

"The biggest advice that I can give is, just perform for the crowd," he adds, encouraging comedians not to focus on impressing their peers, but rather on making the audience laugh by being authentic. 

There was definitely no shortage of laughter once the show was underway, with all 24 comedians delivering outstanding performances. 

We can't wait to see which one of these stars earn the Newcomer of the Year award this time around.