5 things we learned about Rouge from her Twitter Q&A

Rouge (Photo: Instagram)
Rouge (Photo: Instagram)

Johannesburg – Hosting a Q&A on her Twitter paige on Friday, Rouge allowed fans to ask her anything they wanted to know. From her favourite local rappers, to her plans for her hair, Twitter questioned it all. 

Check out five things we learned about this local star from her Twitter Q&A. 

1. She’s an independent woman 

The rapper made it clear that she is not signed to any record label when asked, saying: “I guess I’m waiting for the right team who believe in me.” 

2. Not enough support 

One fan asked the star if she felt the industry was “sleeping” on her, and her response? Yes. “I do… but I address this on my project. People will know how I feel about this..it’s actually the first song on thr project,” she wrote. 

3. Her top 5 lyricists 

According to Rouge, her top 5 lyricits is SA are: Proverb, Stogie T, Kwesta, Big Star and A-Reece. 

4. Nadia Nakai or Gigi Lamayne? 

The answer? Both! “Always this question lol musically I prefer Nadia and bars Gigi,” Rouge said.

 5. New do?

The artist is known for long, fiery hair, but will she ever change it? "I wanted to but the team said nah!" she said when a fan asked if she would ever opt for shorter hair.