'One day is one day' - Zozibini Tunzi predicted her big win 8 years ago

Zozibini Tunzi (Photo: Getty Images)
Zozibini Tunzi (Photo: Getty Images)

Johannesburg – In 2012, we may not have known who Zozibini Tunzi was, but that did not stop the beauty queen from dreaming big. 

A Facebook post shared by Zozibini on 5 May 2012 shows that she had her eye on an international pageant title for quite some time. 

"One day is one day," the post reads. Attached to that is a picture of a former Miss World winner being crowned. 

While Zozi did not take the Miss World title, she managed to score one which is just as big – the Miss Universe crown

The post has now resurfaced on social media, and fans are using it as an example that anything can be achieved if you work hard enough. 

Eight years later, Zozibini's life has completely changed as she prepares for her reign and everything that comes along with it.