WATCH: Miss France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Malta and New Zealand fall on stage during Miss Universe swimsuit competition

Miss Universe (Photo: Getty)
Miss Universe (Photo: Getty)

Cape Town - Miss France, Indonesia, Malaysia and several others took a stumble on the runway during the Miss Universe swimwear competition - but luckily no one was hurt.

The preliminary competition, which took place at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, included an evening gown and swimsuit portion, as well as the national costume competition. 

Despite several issues with the slippery floor, and capes, the women all recovered well and handled the uncomfortable situation with grace. 

After several contestants lost their balance, the production took a "20-second sweep break," to avoid future stumbles.

Unfortunately, the quick clean-up interrupted Miss Mexico's walk.

Several Twitter users were disappointed with the production calling the viewing experience underwhelming.

The final stages of the competition will be held on Sunday at the same venue, where Catriona Gray of the Philippines will crown her successor.


Compiled by Graye Morkel.