AKA is not sorry about what he said this weekend

AKA (Photo: Instagram/akaworldwide)
AKA (Photo: Instagram/akaworldwide)

Cape Town – AKA found himself on the trending topic list this weekend for all the wrong reasons.

The controversial local rapper went on a cringeworthy rant after four women, protesting against rape, bravely disrupted President Jacob Zuma’s speech at the IEC’s result centre on Saturday.

The 28-year-old received heavy criticism for his tweets in which he made statements like: “Those protesters .... Let me ask you. Do that in front of Vladimr Putin or Obama you'll see shit. Freedom of speech. Enjoy it guys. ENJOY.”

He also tweeted: “Listen, I'm not scared of your Twitter hey. I'm a critical thinker. An individual. Not a fucking sheep. I don't succumb to popular opinion.”

The tweets sparked outrage and soon the hashtag #AKAisOverParty was trending. Twitter users were also calling for a boycott of AKA’s upcoming gigs.

If you thought AKA would back down and apologise for his rant, you’d be wrong.

On Sunday AKA said he stood by everything he said. He tweeted: “The only thing I will apologize for is not using the word "Mama" before Mama Winnie's name and including it in a sentence with a swear word.”

See the tweet here:

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