AKA talks about gunshots, tough times and making it in the industry

AKA (photo credit: Instagram)
AKA (photo credit: Instagram)

Cape Town – AKA's Twitter account is now infamous for his TWARS and public outbursts.

But earlier this week the local rapper used his social media presence for something completely different and it made for good reading material.

The father of one posted some funny and enlightening stories about what it was like for him as a young artist trying to make it in South Africa’s tough-to-break-into music industry. 

He explained how he doesn’t miss those days at all and is giving examples of some of the tougher and more trying moments like having to walk on the freeway when his mom’s white bakkie ran out of petrol or having to take a promoter’s phone when he didn't have money to pay the rapper.

Most shocking is when he tweets about playing a gig at St. Tropez (in Joburg) after which his mom’s car was trashed and shot at. 

Here are a few of the best tweets that made us laugh or just say wow.