Amor Vittone's father discharged from hospital after 21 days

Amor Vittone and her parents (Photo: Facebook)
Amor Vittone and her parents (Photo: Facebook)

Cape Town - Afrikaans singer Amor Vittone's father, Dario Vittone, has been discharged from hospital, after he suddenly collapsed at his daughter's home in Johannesburg on Friday, 2 August.

Dario was rushed to hospital and admitted following the health-scare. 

An emotional Amor spoke to Channel24 following the incident, saying: "My parents are my foundation and my rock."

She broke down, adding: "I am worried about him, and he is concerned about his grandkids. Especially about Jordan and Kylie. It's not his time to leave."

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The singer's mother, Delyse Vittone later revealed the results of the tests, saying: "The MRI results showed that Dario has a bacterial infection in the prostate gland, instead of cancer."

According to Delyse, doctors suspected that the infection had affected Dario's heart, which led to his collapse.

On Saturday, 21 days after he was hospitalised, Dario had been discharged. 

"Dario has finally been discharged after 21 days in the hospital. Now he just has to rest and recover completely," Delyse wrote on Facebook.