Anele calls out Kwesta for not showing up to interviews

Kwesta (Photo: Gallo Images)
Kwesta (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – Anele Mdoda fired back at rapper Kwesta on Twitter when the star made a remark regarding “paid for” interviews on her talk show Real Talk With Anele

It all started when blogger Thinus Ferreira mentioned in a tweet that Real Talk’s executive producer said it was not uncommon for people to pay for interviews on the show. 

“Oho, no wonder sivalelwa ngaphandle (they are turning us down)? #MoneyTalks,” Kwesta responded. 

But Anele was having none of it, quick to call the rapper out for skipping out on multiple interviews. “Kwesta. You are lying to people. You have not pitched to 4 interviews that you have been invited to. FOUR!!!! Two on radio where Park Town Boys band were going to surprise you with their rendition of Ngud and twice on Real Talk… I have the emails confirming,” the star wrote in retaliation. 

But the argument was short lived as Kwesta quickly apologised for his post. 

“We are cool, we will carry on asking till you come. We even hired a performance desk for you chap but we are cool. The team will try again. We are good and you are forgiven,” Anele responded.